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The Story

In 1978, Voldemort returned to Britain in the form of bloody, unprovoked attacks on Muggles.

When the violence seeped into the wizarding world, the Ministry of Magic was careful to only show the public random crimes - a sad fact of life, not the work of a criminal mastermind that would, in one year, surpass the death toll of Grindelwald's reign of terror in the First War of the 1940's. The crimes quickly escalated, and when rumors spread that blood purity was the cause of the stir, people were outraged. There were protests in the Atrium of the Ministry and several students were pulled from Hogwarts, for fear of a "blood bias." There were riots in Diagon Alley, and constant meetings in the Wizengamot.

And then there was silence. Suddenly, witches and wizards were disappearing in droves, and if they were found, they were not found alive. It was not safe to complain to the Ministry, as there was a fear of spies within it. The Minister tried vainly to maintain a neutral stance during the early stages of Voldemort's return - just as it would years later in the Third War - but Ministry officials became the target of gruesome attacks, and it became evident that no one was safe. Who was preying on Muggles and wizards alike? What could witches and wizards to do protect themselves?


To make a long story short, Detesta Matribus begins in 1978, with the closing of a shop in Hogsmeade, and will end with a surprising gift on the doorstep of a well-groomed lawn affront a house in Little Whinging, Surrey in 1981.

This ambitious Second War roleplaying game hopes to cover the scope of the entire war so that the heroes and villains of the pre-Harry Potter world may be given their dues. An adult-themed game, DM will feature the perspective of witches and wizards within the Ministry, the original Order of the Phoenix, and even some vision into the inner circle of Voldemort's Death Eaters.

Only in the darkest moments are we free to see the light, and while there will be bits of humor and beauty strewn in with the dark times this story recounts, DM means to illustrate Rowling's dynamic themes of Good and Evil, loss and redemption, the power of friendship, and most importantly, the significance of choosing what is right, versus what is easy.

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