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Gameplay & Rules

So, now that I've gone on at length about the plot, there should probably be some explanation as to how we should accomplish this.
  •  Gameplay is pretty simple. The story (the main plot) will be told through narrative posts on this community journal, and players' journals will be used as diaries to respond to public events - that is, attacks on the Ministry, holidays, etc. - and to discuss their private thoughts. This means that no roleplaying through comments should happen in private journals. While some communities use that form of roleplay as a way for characters to subconsciously react with one another and play around, I don't think it's terribly useful. Let journals be journals, eh?
  • As for the whole "do wizards have teh interwebz?" thing, I'd say that their journals aren't necessarily physical objects. As in, content of your journal could really be your character's fears just before he goes to bed, or a flashback of a discussion with a friend, a memory, or a dream. Unlike the posts on the main journal, they do not have to be third person. Isn't that much easier than explaining computers in the wizarding world? Way.
  • So the next big hurdle is the passage of time. It's the major downfall of most rpg communities - either going too fast or too slow. The first month will be an experiment, and instead of trying to just make a decision now, I think we'll decide how it'll work when we have a handful of members to discuss the matter.

And yeah, there are some rules.

  • Keep the smut to a minimum. As this is an adult-themed game, sex will happen, but I don't see why it would be excessive or particularly graphic. It's fun, but wouldn't really help the plot any, I don't think. Also, we're trying to follow canon (for the most part) so I don't think that absolutely everyone should lapse into gay orgies. No reason for Lucius and Arthur to shack up, etc. Unfortunately, all of the pairings mentioned (and most of the implied ones) are heterosexual, so no uncharacteristic romances, please.
  • No roleplaying through comments in private journals. It's a pet peeve, and unrealistic and doesn't help the plot along at allll.
  • Be nice. If you don't see eye to eye with someone, let me know. Don't flame 'em. Arguing on the internet is like, well, you get the idea. It's unnecessary - we're all (mostly) adults now.
  • No, no, no use of outrageous celebrity icons. I won't completely disallow the use of celebrity images in icons, but if Alice Longbottom is portrayed by Nicole Ritchie, and Evan Rosier's image happens to be that of some male model, I'll go crazy. Be realistic. Choose a lesser-known face so that we'll hear your words and not think of the wild shit that celebrity has done recently. Icons can be nastily distracting.
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